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About Northern Sales and Marketing

The relationships I have developed allow me to select the most appropriate source / equipment to meet a particular need with the added benefit of being able to provide all applicable support services throughout the UK including Southern Ireland. I can offer you the full range of services of the highest quality all supplied from a single source.

I take a neutral stance and accurately evaluate specific requirements and recommend equipment/services ideally suited to meet them. I project manage the provision and installation of the same through to completion and generally bring unison and clarity into a specialist market, which is fraught with division, ambiguity and conflicting opinions.

I have many satisfied clients throughout the North of England and Scotland from whom references can be obtained some of whom are located in your immediate area. My knowledge and negotiating skill with suppliers is formidable the end result of which might be a cost competitive edge for your establishment.

I regularly carry out free cost evaluations for clients, which often reveal that by restructuring the way in which they utilise their existing telephone facility, a significant cost reduction may arise. These savings could then be used to assist in financing an updated system.

Telecommunications has in the last 2/3 years taken dramatic strides forward with the result that very often, because of its complexity, the wrong decision with regards to what meets the requirements of a company or organisation. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding of what is available or indeed because they have been given the wrong information. Being the independent, I am able to impartially advise the client once I have an understanding of exactly what it is they would like to achieve, and the best means by which to attain it both functionally and economically.

Because of the many recent advances in communication technology, features are now available to the end user, which hitherto were not, the problem being of course that of keeping up to date with the with the changes. Many companies are unaware of the benefits and functional advantages that are now available to them. With the introduction of Voip technology it is now possible to offer many useful and cost effective solutions which previously were not available.

Sipp trunks are a recent innovation and as a marketing tool they open to the service provider enormous opportunities to increase their market share and as a consequence significantly increase their profit. A Sipp trunk costs 6.00 per calendar month, a traditional ISDN or Analogue trunk line costs around 14.00. By using Sipp trunks the cost of your telephone lines could be significantly reduced or even eliminated. There are features that make a person, if required, much more contactable, both in and out of the office. In the present economic climate it is worth considering any way that you can reduce your existing costs, especially if you can improve the service at the same time.

Solutions include :
  • Telephone systems
  • Local/wide area networks
  • Paging
  • Voice mail
  • Call management
  • Video conferencing
  • Voice & data structured cabling
  • D.E.C.T. cordless solutions
  • ISDN networks
  • VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol
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